Welcome to The Unrested realms
Grind For It! Build It Up! Hunt Them Down!

3x/2x Grind Rate

We are a 3x resource and 2x loot gather server that will allow you to grind faster and for more so you can build bigger and better. We also have no stability or decay, which allows you to build to your hearts content.

The Unrested AI

The unrested lurks at every monument and all around the map to hunt you or you to hunt down. While some drop supplies, others drop guns and better loot. But watch out for the bosses and soldiers, they have a habit of shooting back.

Overclocked Server

We have teamed up with what we feel is the best in game server hosting to bring you a overclocked experience that will cut down on lag and give you a better gaming experience. We after all are all gamers and hate when things don't work right, right from the start.

Unrested Realms Servers

Join the fun!


Server Configs

True engine

Our admins

We're Crazy But We Are Family!

Our group has a few crazy members and one of them is our owner. But our admins are here to help anytime we are needed.


My OCD made me do it....


Hold my beer, I got this one....
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Get in Touch!

If you have a task in mind, would like to work with us or just want to say hello, don't be shy. We'd love to hear from you. Really!



Our servers

Keystone Networks
Dallas Texas

Server info

 i7 7820x @ 5GHz
32 gb Ram
Cloud Linux